Leadership Coaching

“When we know how our minds are wired, how our culture has shaped us, and that our personality is sometimes a strength and sometimes a burden, only then can we acknowledge how the people around us perceive us”

Whether you are a successful leader or seen as a potential talent in your organisation, at one time or another, everyone is faced with challenges in their careers or personal lives. The character and competencies that once brought success might no longer serve you under all circumstances. Coaching with Follow the Adventure helps you to uncover your inner strengths and purpose, find ways around limiting barriers, and to unleash your full potential.

Leadership Coaching

In coaching, I focus on aspiring and experienced business leaders who operate in an international context and who want to lead successfully and with increased confidence.

The coaching sessions comprise three stages: Explore, Transform, and Sustain. In a series of sessions, we start with exploring the key areas of your strengths, what it is you want to work on, and how your inner belief system is hindering or helping you to achieve this. Together we reach a clear objective on what you want to accomplish in your coaching journey.

Once that is clear, sessions that follow will focus both on doing and on being. Using real-life examples and challenges you bring to the conversation we strive to uncover your subconscious thought patterns and discover how they influence your behaviour. As partners, we find ways to transform them into strengths so you can gain the confidence needed to lead a well-balanced life.

In the final part of our expedition, we will find ways to sustain your insights and create new habits to ensure you can overcome future challenges and barriers using the strengths and confidence you gained on your journey.

“Follow the Adventure helps you unleash your full potential and grow from where you are, to where you want to be.”

Depending on your personal needs and desires, coaching journeys can be combined with a personality assessment or participation in the Mental Fitness Bootcamp program. These can be done individually or as part of a Leadership Team Development program.

Coaching is available in person, via video call, or via @Coaching.

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