HR Consulting

“We are constantly faced with the need to adapt to change. Sometimes, we initiate the change ourselves, and sometimes we must implement and adopt decisions that are out of our control. Both require us to embrace the unknown. This is where the adventure starts”

With changing dynamics in play around the world, people think about work in very different ways. With over 20 years of experience in HR across various organisations, industries and regions, Follow the Adventure offers a wide range of HR support services to help you strengthen your or your team’s HR Competencies to help become valued business partners within your organisation.

Human Resources Consulting

In most organisations, the Human Resources department offers the challenge of working in a complex and ever-changing environment. HR leaders and professionals are expected to drive continuous business change and, at the same time, keep motivation and engagement at an all-time high level. They must act as strategic business partners while also supporting management members’ basic development needs. It can be daunting! 

Follow the Adventure offers various ways to support HR Leaders and their teams in their development and the development of their HR departments.

HR Services

HR Mentoring & Coaching
Partner with me on any HR-related issues you face, and allow me to share my diverse experience, best practices, and insights. Learn to better balance the complex and, at times, conflicting needs of the business, its valuable workforce, and your well-being.

HR Transformation
As an HR consultant, I partner with you and your organisation to position the HR department as a valuable business partner and to create the most effective HR strategies and practices for your organisation.

Change Management & Restructuring
Companies are faced with constant change, and this impacts HR daily. It makes it challenging to juggle all the balls on your own. With over 20 years of experience in Change Management and especially in restructuring projects, I can help take a load off your shoulders so you can focus more on what’s required to drive your business forward once change is implemented.

Other solutions, such as interim projects related to the employee life cycle, are available upon request.

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