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Follow the Adventure offers various Talent and Team Development programs depending on client needs. They are designed to increase self-confidence, strengthen relationships, enhance performance, improve communication, and achieve better business outcomes while maintaining mental wellbeing.

Talent Development

Follow the Adventure offers various Talent Development programs, such as Elevate, a program specifically designed for the empowerment and development of women, and Inside to Outside
All Talent Development programs are based on four Development Principles:

To design a Talent Development program, Follow the Adventure works closely with the client to ensure the journey is matching their needs. We will use various tools such as Personal AssessmentsMental Fitness Bootcamp, Coaching journeys and Application Workshops.

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Leadership Team Development


All programs offered by Follow the Adventure focus on the triple impact of Self, Team, and Organisation, and are tailor-made for Leadership Teams who operate in an international business context.

SELF – Achieve a better understanding of preferred behaviours, strengths, and pitfalls through Personal and 360 Assessments.
Individual participants can learn about their strengths and limiting beliefs and gain insight into how others perceive them. They are encouraged to practice deep reflection on “doing” and “being”, resulting in clear personal objectives for development.

TEAM – Create insight into team dynamics and common strengths and weaknesses as a team.
Here we build trust and improve collaboration through healthy conflict and improved communication. Once the foundation of trust is established, the team will start to identify its objectives to become more successful and achieve peak performance.

ORGANISATION – Get clear insights into business challenges and put action plans in place to overcome these as a team.
We identify key business drivers, challenges, and potential threats. We define actions to overcome these and turn them into opportunities. With a strong team in place, any challenge can be overcome.

Tools & Training

Curious to know more about the resources I use? Check out the “How I Work” page for more detailed information on the following:
Mental Fitness Bootcamp for Leadership Coaching and Team Development
Facet5 Assessments

Tailor-made Training & Workshops

Follow the Adventure provides various training programs for talent and leadership development journeys. These programs are customised to reflect the challenges of your day-to-day business and to help you build new skills to handle these. My training approach focuses on pragmatic, experience-based learning, providing ample opportunity for practice and to learn from business simulations.

✔️Cultural Management and Intercultural Relations
✔️Communication Skills
✔️Interpersonal Skills
✔️Leadership Skills

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